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Few individuals possess such a profound understanding of the AR-15 platform as those PTC Armory. This exceptional rifle stands as one of the pinnacle choices that money can buy, showcasing an unparalleled dedication to meticulous craftsmanship in order to deliver unrivaled dependability and accuracy. The right to bear arms has never felt better.

Antoine Gedroyc

The Patriot Patrol AR-15

PTC Armory – Made in USA


Handbuilt in the USA by expert gunsmiths, this AR15 goes through the most thorough inspection and quality control checks to exceed Mil-Spec Standards.


Only after passing the exhaustive quality-control checklist, your rifle is tested first for reliability using Full-Auto fire (the true test of a gun’s performance) and then, finally, proof-tested for accuracy.


This AR-15 is unlike any other AR-15 because it comes with not just one, but two guarantees. Your rifle is guaranteed to be 100% reliable… and… deliver 1-MOA or better accuracy. 

The RIfle

This rifle was designed specifically to meet the exacting standards and uncompromising quality of our entire team …


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